GAROS Sensors is the leading company in France for designing and manufacturing custom force sensors.

These sensors are intended to measure a weight, a mass, an effort, a torque and more generally one or more forces.

This measurement is obtained from the deformation (shear, torsion, compression, bending, etc ...) of the material generated by a force. This deformation is transmitted to the strain gauges. These elongate or compress and thus vary their own electrical resistance.

These strain gages, wired Wheatstone bridge, allow the measurement of an electrical signal to the image of the effort they undergo.

GAROS Sensors offers its expertise for the design and manufacture of custom force sensors. The company has a know-how of more than 30 years, based on an ultra qualified team mastering the whole process of realization:

The first step of designing the test body requires a strong knowledge of the resistance of materials (stress and strain analysis): the main metals used are: stainless steel (17.4-PH), inconel, titanium, aluminum. There are also applications on composites such as carbon.

The second step is the delicate implementation of the strain gauges on the sensor's proof body: gluing, welding, wiring and calibration require a meticulousness comparable to that of the watchmaking industry.

We work in all areas of the industry, primarily in aerospace, materials handling and energy sectors. We offer force sensors of different types for various applications:

  • Torque Axis
  • Traction / compression sensor
  • extensometer
  • Footmeter
  • Double / triple sensor
  • Extended double measurement sensor
  • torque
  • Instrumented screws