Instrumentation extensometer GAROS / ELMEX

The "extensometry service" service GAROS Sensors is spread over several sites in France and abroad:

  • Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Istres for France,
  • Madrid for Spain, Montreal for Canada and Hamburg for Germany.

Elmex, a company based in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (91) is part of the Garos group.

Different types of instrumentation:

  • Cold instrumentation (gauge, rosette, ...): collage M200, Z70 ...
  • Hot instrumentation (gauge, rosette, ...): bonding type AE10-15, PC12.
  • Sensor type instrumentation: type M600-610 bonding.
  • High temperature instrumentation: spot welding
  • Thermocouple pose
  • Installation of static pressure, ambient and groove measurement
  • Laying of cement gauge

Measurement and data acquisition

  • physical quantities in static and in dynamics: force, deformation, temperature, displacement ...
  • Residual stresses by the method of the hole by rotating collector or telemetry ...
  • static and dynamic acquisitions
  • stripping rosettes
  • treatment of results
  • rental of acquisition systems

Acquisition chains:

  • In static:
    • 50 extensometric tracks, 20 high level tracks
    • 5 way thermocouples
    • Acquisition frequency: 5 Hz
  • In dynamics:
    • 16 extensometric tracks or 16 high level tracks
    • Acquisition frequency up to 300 KHz for one channel


According to the procedure adapted to the applications and specifications of our customers:

  • static and dynamic test,
  • flight test, fatigue test
  • high temperature and weldable gauge
  • thermocouple
  • aging in moist heat
  • sale of collage kit
  • Each site is equipped with a laboratory that can perform any type of instrumentation:
  • sterile laminar flow hood, marble and electronic truss, spot welding, drying chambers, control devices (extensometry bridge, insulation and continuity tester), ...

Most of our technicians are certified for aeronautics "in static test and flight".

hotte à flux laminaire stérile, marbre et trusquin électronique, soudage par point, étuves, moyens de contrôle (pont d’extensométrie, contrôleur d’isolement et de continuité), …

La plupart de nos techniciens sont agréés pour l’aéronautique « en essai statique et en vols ».


Gluing gauges on all types of materials: composite, titanium, steel, aluminum, concrete ...
physical measurement sensors: force, accelerometer, temperature, displacement, pressure, crack propagation ...

References :

A319, A320, A321, ... NEO, A330, A350, A380, Beluga, Beluga XL, A400M, Global Bomber, C-series, Dassault 7X Aircraft, 5X, Rafale, Mirage, Neuron, Standard, Super Etendard, Concorde, ...
Airbus helicopter NH90, Hornet, Super Hornet, Tiger, ...