The extensometers are attached to your structure to measure the micro-deformations under loads.

The most common application for these extensometers is the measurement of the load-proportional deformation of an element of a hoisting system, in order to ensure the function of load limitation or overturning torque limitation.

  • Single or dual channel sensor
  • Function: load measurement and actor of anti-tipping safety
  • Integrated electronics or not
  • Complete supply (sensor, cable, shield, connector)

EX52 / AC125

Measuring range: +/- 1500 μm / m
Protection class: IP65
Material: galvanized steel or aluminum alloy
Mounting: fixing by 2 screws M10 - Tightening with controlled torque recommended.

50mm and 125mm spacing.

Extensometer for displacement measurement

Measure of small displacements. Measuring the variation in diameter or thickness of a body subject to mechanical stress.

  • Measuring range: from 10 μm
  • Accuracy class: 0.1% to 2% according to E.M. (Measurement Range) and conditions of use