Measurement solutions for the Oil & Gas sector

The oil sector has a need for force measurements in corrosive, submergible and often high pressure environments.

GAROS Sensors provides measurement solutions through two distinct technologies: strain gauge technology and fiber optic technology.

These 2 complementary technologies allow measurements in corrosive or dangerous environments. Our hermetically sealed sensors operate under high water projections and / or high pressures while providing reliable and accurate measurements over time.

The very large measuring ranges therefore allow for multiple applications.

Product specifications

  • Optical fiber measurement solutions
  • Torque axis uni / bi directional
  • Traction-compression sensor
  • Low level mV / V, 4-20 mA, 0-10V, CAN ...
  • Double or triple way
  • Single or double extent of measurement
  • Measuring range: from 5 N to 30 000 kN


  • Anchorage system, winch
  • Chain tension measurement for platform, floating production and storage at sea (FPSO) unit, buoy
  • Pipe laying system, tensioner
  • Offshore and port crane
  • Test Center, Research Center

Calibration test bench

  • Traction / fatigue up to 1200 kN
  • Calibration in compression up to 4000 kN


  • ATEX / IECEx
  • immersible (100 kN and 14500 psi)

References : Total, Technip, Statoil…

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