Measurement solutions for the aerospace industry

The aerospace market is looking for lightweight, efficient and reliable solutions to improve flight or observation performance. This is how Garos Sensors solutions are found in aircraft, helicopters, satellites and nano satellites, spacecraft, etc.

Garos Sensors intervenes with principals such as manufacturers of airliners or fighters, helicopters, jumbo jets, aircraft engines ...

Dedicated teams are present on many aeronautical sites in France (Paris, Nantes, Toulouse, Istres) and internationally (Montreal, Hamburg, Madrid ...).


  • applications
  • Instrumentation on joystick and flight control
  • Landing Gear Sensor
  • High temperature sensor
  • Axis landing gear
  • Structure sensor
  • Fuselage / wing linkage sensor
  • Wing / motor link sensor
  • Shutter axis


  • Static and flight tests
  • Works on dawn, straightener, blisk, drum
  • Pressure Tapping Installation
  • Aero assembly line sensor (multi-component)
  • Bonding of gauges on structures: Airbus A350, A380, NEO, Dassault, Bombardier


  • High temperature
  • cryogenics
  • calibration

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