Study and sensor’s realisation of force and torque,
electronics and electrical systems

Strain Instrumentation

The department "strain gauges application" of Garos Capteurs is divided over several locations in France and abroad:

Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Istres in France
Madrid in Spain and Montréal in Canada



Different types of instrumentation

  • Cold instrumentation: bonding type M200, Z70...
  • Hot instrumentation: bonding type AE10 - 15, PC12
  • Sensor type instrumentation: bonding type M600 - 610
  • High temperature instrumentation: spot welding

Measure and data acquisition

  • Physical magnitudes in static and in dynamic: force, deformation, temperature, displacement …
  • Residual constraints by the method of the hole, by rotating collector or telemetry …
  • Static and dynamic acquisitions
  • Analysis of resettes
  • Perusal of treatment
  • Acquisition systems on rental

Chain of acquisition

  • In static :
    • 50 extensometric measurement channels, 20 high level channels
    • 5 thermocouple channels
    • Acquisition frequency : 5 Hz
  • In dynamic :
    • 16 extensometric measurement channels or 16 high level channels
    • Acquisition frequency: up to 300 KHz for one channel



According to the procedure tailored to our customer's applications and specifications:

  • Static and dynamic tests,
  • Flight tests, fatigue tests
  • high temperature and weldable gauges
  • Thermocouple
  • Ageing in wet heat
  • Bonding kit on sales

Each site is equipped of a laboratory that can perform any type of instrumentation:

  • Sterile laminar flow hood, electronic marble and marking gauge, spot welding, oven,
  • control capacity (extensometric bridge, insulation and continuity tester), ...

Most of our engineers are certified for aerospace (static and flight test) 



  • Strain gauge bonding on all types of materials: composite, titanium, steel, aluminum, concrete …
  • On physics measuring sensors: strength, accelerometer, temperature, displacement, pressure, crack propagation...



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