Study and sensor’s realisation of force and torque,
electronics and electrical systems

Tensile / Compressive sensor

We are able to offer some strength sensors tailored to your needs in term of range and dimension, by taking care of your environmental requirements.

We can offer sensors for: static, dynamic and fatigue applications and stresses.



Dimension on demand :

  • Interfacing with your mechanics according to your specifications

Measurement range:

  • In traction: From 10 daN to 9 MN (900T)
  • In compression: From 10 daN to 10 MN (1 000T)

Type :

  • traction resistance
  • Compression
  • Traction - Compression
  • ATEX

Output signal:

  • Low level: mV / V
  • High level: 0-10V, 4-20mA, CAN, RS232…
  • Redundancy


  • Following stainless steel EN, NF 10088-3
  • Following alloy steel EN, NF 10088-3
  • According to your specification

Sealing factor:

  • IP 67
  • IP 68 (Prolonged seawater immersion)

Certificate and tests on demand:

  • Material certificate: 3.1, 3.1b, 3.2
  • “BV Marine” certification
  • Destructive tests (traction, impact strength, chemical composition)
  • Non-destructive tests (U.S, Magnetic particle, Dye penetrant)

Multiple applications:

  • Lifting, handling
  • Measure of effort in an industrial process
  • Test bench and calibration
Traction / Compression sensors
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Tensile / Compressive load cells
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