Study and sensor’s realisation of force and torque,
electronics and electrical systems

Load pin

Load pins are specially designed for application where the existing mechanical assembly does not allow the incernation of conventional strenght sensor.

These sensors are used in all kind of sector and especially for lifting and handling applications



Dimension on demand  

  • diameter from 8mm
  • length adjustable to installation

Measurement range :

  • from 50 daN up to 10 MN

Type :

  • mono - directional
  • bi - directional
  • double channel
  • Atex (IEC)

Output signal

  • Low level: mV/V
  • High level: 0-10V, 4-20mA, CAN, RS232
  • Wireless


  • Following stainless steel EN, NF 10088-3
  • Following alloy steel EN, NF 10083-3
  • According to your specification

Sealing factor

  • IP 67
  • IP 68 (Prolonged seawater immersion)

Certificates and tests on demand

  • Material certificate: 3.1, 3.1b, 3.2
  • "BV Marine" certification
  • Destructive tests (traction, impact strength, chemical composition)
  • Non-destructive tests (U.S, magnetic particle, dye penetrant)

Multiple applications

  • Lifting, handling, loading and effort measurement (overhead crane, marine crane...)
  • Measure on hydraulic dam
  • Measurement for oilfield application
  • Measurement for railway application
Dynamometric axes


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