Study and sensor’s realisation of force and torque,
electronics and electrical systems


Extensometers are fixed on your structures in order to measured microdeformations under load.

These extensometers are used in general for measuring the proportional deformation under the load of a lifting equipment, in order to ensure the load or torque limit function of reversal.



  • Simple sensor or doubles Channels
  • Function: measure of load and actor of the safety anti fall
  • Electronics integrated or not
  • Supply completes sensor, cable, girdle, connector)



  • Measurement range: +/- 1 500 µm/m
  • Sealing factor: IP 65
  • Material: Galvanized steel or aluminium alloy
  • Assembly: Fixed by two M10 screw


  • Extensometer 125 mm


 Extensomter used in displacement measurement

Measuring of low displacement. Measure the diameter or thickness variation of a body subjected to a mechanical stress.

  • Etendue de mesure : de 10 µm à quelques dizaines de mm
  • Classe de précision : 0.1 % à 2 % suivant E.M. et conditions d'utilisation


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