Study and sensor’s realisation of force and torque,
electronics and electrical systems


You are actually using force sensors or instrumented pieces (connecting rod, strap, instrumented screw...). Our Company, specialized in designing and manufacturing of specific force sensors and the instrumentation of test pieces, invite you to carry out your calibrations.


We are certified ISO 9001.
All our calibrations presses are COFRAC linked.

Our calibration capacities:

presse de fatigue

MTS fatigue press of capacity: 1 200 kN

Frequency: 80 Hz

Displacement: + / - 75mm


INSTRON press of capacity: 600 KN

INSTRON press of capacity: 200 KN

Tensile / compressive calibration press ROELL + KORTHAUS of capacity: 100 KN

One tensile / compressive press TESTWELL of capacity 10 KN and a compressive press ENERPAC of capacity 200 to 4 000KN

Types of sensors being able to be tested

  • Load cells one or two way(s)
  • dynamometric Axis one or two direction(s)
  • dynamometric Rings, S cells, load cells
  • Multi-component load cells
  • instrumented pieces

Types of measured signals

  • mV / V
  • 0-10 V
  • 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
  • µm in ¼ of bridge, ½ bridge and complete bridge

Calibration capacity

  • In compression: 4 000 kN (up to 20 000 kN on request)
  • In traction: up to 600 kN (up to 20 000 kN on request)

Multi-components calibration

  • MGC power plant
  • Calibration on X, Y, Z, MX, MY and MZ
  • Simple and cross-calibration
  • Calibration with standard mass
  • Please contact us for mechanical interface and measurement range

Documents issued

  • Calibration certificate COFRAC linked
  • Linearity, repeatability and hysteresis curves on request
Calibration capacities
(PDF - 734.24 KB)


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